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2015: The Outtakes

Here at MI News 26 – we work hard to bring you the headlines from around the region, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have fun with our jobs. As we close the book on 2015 here’s a look back at a few clips from behind the scenes that never aired — probably for good […]

Lake Superior State University releases annual list of words to banish

Lake Superior State University releases annual list of words to banish

On Thursday the word-watchers at Lake Superior State University released their 41st annual “List of Words to be Banished from the Queen’s English for Misuse, Overuse and General Uselessness.” The list, compiled from nominations sent to L-S-S-U throughout the year, is released each year on New Year’s Eve. The list this year is topped by […]


After two damaging storms, Consumers Energy says most people should have power back

We had two powerful storms move through our area in the last two weeks, one that brought damaging winds and another finally reminding us that it really is winter and adding snow and freezing rain to the mix. With those storms thousands of electrical poles and wires were knocked down, shutting off power for hundreds […]


Several new laws to take effect in January

In January of 2016 several new laws will go into effect here in Michigan. We’ve reported on many of them throughout 2015, but a few of note are: On January 5th, drivers will now be able to show proof of insurance using their mobile phones. Public Act 135 directs law enforcement officers to accept electronic […]

Sleeping Bear Dunes Winter

Sleeping Bear Snow Shoe Tours

Park Rangers will be giving guided snow shoe tours of the Sleeping Bear Dunes this winter. On January 9th at 1pm meet rangers at the park visitors center in Empire. From there rangers will provide instruction and take visitors to the park where participants will learn about the park’s unique features and winter’s effect on […]


Winter weather finally arrives in northern Michigan

Snow has finally arrived in northern Michigan and with it many are finally heading out to hit the slopes. But it wasn’t all lost during the wait for some local resorts as they used the unusually warm weather to do work around the resort. Those snow making crews were able to get out there a […]

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