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Pain After Surgery Re-Post

Coping With Pain After Surgery

Physical therapy is not the first thing that springs to mind when the frightening words “breast cancer” come up… but for cancer survivor Tammy McGowen, therapy played a major role in her recovery. Health Reporter Kayla Kiley has more.

Student Athletes Re-Post

Common Injuries of Student Athletes

Student athletes are very common,in fact, over seven million high school students participate in sports every year. But with such a high number of athletes, there is also a fairly high number of injuries. Minews26 Health Reporter Kayla Kiley has more.

Vertigo and Falling Re-Post

Effects of Having Vertigo

Vertigo can be a very unpleasant experience, and it can also lead to more serious issues, like accidents and falls. Terri Hamp of Dynamic Physical Therapy says there are usually specific events that lead to the inner ear problems associated with vertigo. Kayla Kiley has more.

PostOp Shoulder Recovery Re-Post

Recovery After A Shoulder Operation

In the past, recovering from shoulder surgery could be a long and painful ordeal, and while it’s still no walk in the park, modern procedures and physical therapy have made post-op shoulder recovery much easier on patients. Kayla Kiley has more.

TMJ and Headaches Re-Post

The Connection Between TMJ, Jaw Pain and Headaches

Many people have frequent headaches, but may not know what exactly is causing them. While it may not seem obvious, teeth grinding and jaw pain can often lead to headaches… But luckily, it’s something that can be fixed with professional help. Health Reporter Kayla Kiley has more.

Back and Neck Pain Re-Post

Back Pain Caused By Neck Problems

It’s a pretty common saying that something annoying is a “pain in the neck” but sometimes, that pain can be very real and more than just an annoyance. Kayla Kiley has more on this story.