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Aging Communities

Aging Communities in Michigan

Communities around Northern Michigan are growing in many ways, however that also includes the average age of their residents. Aging communities begin to rely on Public Transportation to get from place to place. As a member of the community grows older, they may find it increasingly more difficult to get around and simply go to […]

Express Routes

New Bata Express Routes

One of the most common uses for Public Transportation is to get to and from work. However you might find yourself waiting on the bus for a long time or cutting it closer than you’d like. The Bay Area Transportation Authority has begun piloting a program to help that. Since the program is in its […]

Google Transit

Google Transit Trip Planner

With so many uses for public transportation and schedules to keep track of, it can get overwhelming when trying to remember schedule times. The Bay Area Transportation Authority started this new year off with a new online trip planner to help riders more efficiently use public transportation. One of the most popular tools people use […]

Winter Transportation Safety

Winter Transportation Safety

With cold weather ahead, and the snow flakes flying. Traveling becomes a concern for everyone, fortunately there are many things that can be done to help you get from point A to point B. Eric Lingaur from Bata has some safety tips to help you this winter.

Benefits of Public Transportation

Benefits of Public Transportation

Everyday we are surrounded by public transportation, but what exactly is public transportation? Eric Lingaur, the communications manager for the Bay Area Transportation Authority or BATA has a more in depth definition.

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