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LegalMinute-After Accident Process

After An Accident Process

Everyday someone somewhere gets into an accident, now this can range from a simple fender bender to something much more severe. There are many precautions you can take before an accident occurs like having proper insurance that will help out, but there are many things you must do after an accident occurs that may not […]

LegalMinute-Renting Property

Renting Your Property

Renting property in Michigan is a common occurrence whether it is all year round or just while the owner is away. No matter which side of the renting process you are on, new technology has made it easier than ever. When renting your house out there can be restrictions that may not allow you to […]

LegalMinute-Medical Bills

Car Accident Bills

When you get into a car accident, your insurance handles liability and damage but who handles your medical bills if you get injured in the accident. Roger Wotila a Trial Attorney, explains some new laws put into place to define that. Establishing who pays for what before an accident occurs can save any headache that […]


Ski and Snowboard Legal Safety

In today’s Legal Minute, we wrap up our Winter weather advice with Snow Skiing and Snowboarding. During the winter, Downhill Skiing and Cross Country Skiing become popular events all across Northern Michigan. As with other winter activities, there are rules and guidelines that need to be followed. Inactive equipment or lifts that have been posted […]

LegalMinute-Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing Legal Safety

With winter activities in full swing, many people find themselves outside in the cold to Ice Fish. Ice Fishing is considered a safe activity but without the proper gear or knowledge you could find yourself in a tricky spot or even in legal trouble. Other simple tips such as bringing a cell phone or something […]

LegalMinute-Dower Rights P040617

Michigan Dower Rights

Even before Michigan became a state in 1837 its always had some form of Dower rights. Dower rights apply when a wife’s husband passes away and the husband had interest in or owned a plot of land. A third of the land was provided to the widow so she could use it to sustain herself […]