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Leelanau Wine Trail

Leelanau Wine Trail

A Special tour is happening that you can be a part of. Vic McCarty visited leelanau to learn more about the Wine Trail.

Elk Rapids Players

Mom’s Gift in Elk Rapids

The Elk Rapids Players are setting up for Mom’s Gift, a performance many are looking forward to. Vic McCarty spoke with the Producer and learned about the work they are putting into it.

Roost TZ

A Place for Someone to Roost

Roost is an answer to the need for quick construction on small locations. Vic McCarty spoke with the creators to learn about the process and how it works.


Technology and Robotics under one roof

Quarkmine is a growing group providing kids with options for learning about technology, robotics and coding. Vic McCarty spoke with the owners to learn more about what they provide.

Char Brew in TC

More than just Brewing in Charlevoix

Lake Charlevoix Brewing is looking forward to an exciting year ahead of them. Vic McCarty met with the owner to learn more.


Daughters of the American Revolution

A Group of women banded together after learning about their heritage, Vic McCarty and Photojournalist Wyatt VanDuinen spoke with a member to learn more about how the group started.

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