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stacy hammond

Person of the Week – Stacy Hammond

This weeks person of the week is ensuring local students are ready for adulthood and the career world. Stacy Hammond is the administrative assistant to the director of the Wexford-Missaukee ISD Career Tech Center.   There she takes students under her wing to help them find resources such as, but not limited to, clothes, food, and […]

POTW Bill Kennis

Person Of The Week: Bill Kennis

This Week’s Person of the Week is helping his community anyway he can. Bill Kennis is the Executive Director of Benzie Bus and a member of several groups in the area. Aside from his 3rd year at Benzie Bus, Kennis is involved with the boy scouts, the Benzie Chamber of Commerce and many others. We […]

POTW-Josh Jacobson

Person Of The Week: Josh Jacobson

This Week’s Person of the Week is a student that was awarded for his work with code. Josh Jacobson is a sophomore at Cadillac high school where for the past three years has been learning to code software. now he has been awarded as one of only two people in the state this year as […]

POTW-Jacob Ingleston

Person Of The Week: Jacob Ingleston

This Week’s Person of the Week is making an impact with his local Boy Scout Troop. Jacob Ingleston is a member of Scout Troop 267 and has been a scout for as long as he can remember. Being in the scouts he has had a number of experiences including a trip to New Mexico, Alaska […]

POTW-Liz Metzger

Person Of The Week: Liz Metzger

This Week’s Person of the Week is a student that continues to strive in the classroom even in a non traditional setting. Liz Metzger is a senior at the career tech center in wexford county. Metzger is a non traditional student or in other words a female or a male student in a field of […]

potw022017-Cal Reynolds

Person of the Week: Cal Reynolds

This week’s Person of the Week is a man who’s been very involved in helping disabled people in the Cadillac area. Cal Reynolds is a member of the board for After 26 in Cadillac and the assistant director of Area 32 Special Olympics. He helps make decisions that will affect After 26 and helps out […]