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Brave Hearts Estate

A Place for Veterans to Relax

Brave Hearts Estate is a place for rest and relaxation for Veterans and their families. Vic McCarty and Photojournalist Wyatt VanDuinen spoke with Caretaker Paula Brown to learn more.

Person of the Week - Ken Bailey

Person of the Week – Ken Bailey

This week’s Person Of The Week is a man who’s job is to save lives. Ken Bailey is a North Flight EMS paramedic. Recently Ken was honored as the EMS Practitioner of the Year. Ken began his career as a first-responder in Kalkaska before furthering his education and going into a full time EMS role […]


A Summer Getaway at the Sands

Northern Camper Adventures brings you to the Cadillac Sands which provides another great way to get out of the summer heat.

0624WVA-Civil War Pack

A Muster at the White Pine Village

A civil war Re-Enactment took place in Ludington. Reporter Wyatt VanDuinen has more.

Ground Works

Energy and Efficiency

Groundwork is a group focused on Efficient Energy. Vic McCarty and Photojournalist Wyatt VanDuinen spoke with Dan Worth to learn about their conference.

Paddle Board Explorer

Exploring one paddle at a time

Sarah Hunt is a well known paddle boarder who likes to go out everyday of the year to explore. Vic McCarty and photojournalist Wyatt VanDuinen spoke with her and learned more about the rising popularity of paddle boarding.