Perry Hotel

The First Fireproof Hotel In Petoskey

Celebrating it’s 115th birthday this year, the Stafford Perry Hotel has found a place on the National List of Historic Places. Paula Jasper and Photojournalist Wyatt VanDuinen visited the hotel and learned about its unique history and what changes its been through.

Creative Kids Day One Run

Kids Creative Day

The Petoskey Public Library has programs designed to help teach kids as well as adults, activities that can be done to lower the time spent in front of a screen. Paula Jasper and Photojournalist Wyatt VanDuinen spoke to the Youth Service Librarian and found out some events that are held.

Little Traverse Civic Theater

Little Traverse Civic Theater Performing Annie The Musical

Paula Jasper and Photojournalist Wyatt VanDuinen spoke with the producers of Annie the Musical, Learned what to expect this weekend, and also some of the history of the theater.

Park Place Gift Shop TZ

Small Shop Has Been With Park Place Hotel For 35 Years

The Park Place Gift Shop has been part of the Park Place Hotel for 35 years and has witnessed the prosperity leave and come back to the downtown Traverse City area. Paula Jasper and Photojournalist Wyatt VanDuinen spoke to the owner who has run the gift shop all 35 years.

Natalies Bridal Shop

Tips For Making Decisions About Your Wedding Attire

From the wedding dress to the tuxedo and the bridesmaids dresses, there are a lot of decisions to make when deciding on your wedding attire. Paula Jasper and Photojournalist Wyatt VanDuinen spoke with the owner of a bridal shop and learned some tips for making those choices.

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Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements

Getting married is one of the major milestones in many people’s lives. In fact, the State of Michigan estimates that over fifty thousand people get married here every year. Of course, there’s a legal side to every event, and marriage is no exception. Abigail Blackrick has more.

Pain During Pregnancy

Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be an exciting time, but it can also bring new discomfort and pain. In fact, experts say that nearly all pregnant women will experience back pain due to changes in the body. Kayla Kiley Has More.

distracted driving

Survey Finds More Than 8% of Drivers Use Their Phone While Driving

A survey by the Wayne State University Transportation Research Group found that 8.4% of Michigan drivers text, talk on the phone, or use a hands-free device while driving. Results from a survey conducted in 2010 show numbers have went down just .4% in the last 4 years. Last year, 682 Michigan drivers involved in crashes […]


Update: Amish Buggy Crash in Clare

We have an update to a story we brought to you earlier this week. On Sunday evening, Clare County deputies responded to a crash involving a car and a horse-and-buggy. [The crash, which occurred on northbound Bailey Lake Road near Cedar in Arthur Township, resulted in multiple reported injuries.] The driver of the vehicle, 22-year-old […]


T.C. Pair Caught in Salvation Army Trailer Break-In

A Traverse City couple was arrested Tuesday upon being caught in the act of stealing from the Salvation Army. A Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Deputy became suspicious parked vehicle while conducting a property check near the store on S. Airport Rd. in Garfield Township. Deputies checked a semi-trailer near the building, used for storage by […]

MON Loop - Meth Bust

Traverse City Meth Bust

On December 12th, the Traverse Narcotics Team received an anonymous tip, which brought them to the location of a meth dump site at a motel in Downtown Traverse City. Inspection of the site led the team to two mobile meth labs, including one at another local motel. Three search warrants were completed, revealing various chemicals […]

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